Knife Talk

Pedals, Plunge Lines & Production

Episode kindly sponsored by: Evenheat, Combat Abrasives, IndasaUSA, Knifeprint, Texas Farrier Supply and Claryx Metalworks.

February 17, 2020

The guys are joined by Will Stelter to answer your questions and shoot the breeze. We also talk beefs and give some community love.

The template for the buildalong can be found at - this requires creating a free acoount.

YouTube playlist for our buildalong knife:

Nova Woodworking on Instagram: @novawoodworking
Stoklasa Knives on Instagram: @stoklasa.knives
Silverthorn Knife on Instagram: @silverthornknife
Oliver Goldschmidt on Instagram: @oliver_goldschimdtknives

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“I'll spoil a little bit of a secret project..." - Will Slelter